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Argentine Experts Witness China's Deep Development

Company News
2018/06/22 14:16
I have heard about the rapid development of China in the past 30 years, but in my imagination it is still a relatively poor country. In the economic field, China has borrowed some elements from Western capitalism and developed methodically in a market-oriented solid macroeconomic framework. The Chinese government is established by the ruling party, the Communist Party of China, and determines the country's long-term strategy and short-term policies .
As soon as I arrived in Beijing, I felt unexpected shocks. In front of my eyes is a very modern metropolis. The roads are wide and clean. Many new cars are traveling and there are also many luxury cars. Even though the streets and squares were full of people, I did not see the situation of petty thieves. It was very safe. I went to the famous Tiananmen Square on the day of China’s National Day. At that time, there were enough 150,000 people to visit the square without any accident. The Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven are the same people, but everything is in order and the people are very friendly.
Beijing is the capital of China. In the eyes of the people, it represents the country’s “now.” Shanghai symbolizes China’s “future.” Xi’an is considered to represent China’s “past” because it retains a lot of historical sites.
In cities and towns in China, motorcycles and bicycles powered by electricity can be seen on the streets. The noise is very small. There are often such vehicles running past me silently and I feel caught off guard. In the famous Hangzhou West Lake and other scenic spots, tourist boats capable of accommodating 70 to 100 people are also electric. They only need to fully charge the batteries in the evening and continue to supply electricity for 11 hours the next day. In this way, the lake will not be polluted by gasoline. The Shanghai Maglev train is also the best embodiment of China’s modernization, with a top speed of 430 km/h. I took the intercity high-speed rail, and it took only less than an hour to get between two cities 180 km apart, and stopped 4 stations in the middle.
The ever-changing development of science and technology requires that the level of education continues to increase. Chinese classrooms typically hold 50 to 75 students. Students must strictly abide by the discipline. They must maintain a good mental state during the class and concentrate on listening. They also have heavy homework to complete.
China’s family planning policy has resulted in a very large number of only children. Recently, the policy has begun to loosen. Many single-child children still live with their parents up to the age of 30. Parents interfere with their lifelong events. A 28-year-old Chinese woman who has obtained a master's degree in Spanish literature told me that her parents wanted her to find her boyfriend.
There is no shortage of wealthy Chinese, luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce are commonplace. Many real estate developers have made a fortune. There seems to be no shadow of poverty in major cities, but the contrast still exists.